It all started when…

We were offering low cost sessions as part of our training and we were approached by women who are survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, women who are carers, students and unemployed. They all told us how they wouldn't be able to afford our services at full price and how grateful they were for the opportunity to work on issues that have been holding them back and affecting their day to day lives. When we qualified and opened our practice, we decided to also open a low cost clinic so that those clients could continue their sessions. Over time that clinic has grown through recommendation and word of mouth. We are now at the stage where in order to meet the demand and ensure it's sustainable we need your help. All donations (no matter how small) make a difference and support us to take on more clients. Donors will receive quarterly impact reports detailing how their donations are being used and what type of work we're doing in our clinic. Below are the words of a childhood trauma survivor who attends our low cost clinic regularly.


march 2018

I'm struggling to put it into words, but it has been something special. I remember in our first session you said the body needs to be touched and I totally understand that now

 - DH