The Pleasure Institute
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
— Anaïs Nin

Our Mission

We want to provide simple tools and techniques that not only bring pleasure, but also true sexual freedom and empowerment. We promote body love and autonomy and support our clients to fill their lives with passion and doorways for healing and transformation. This isn't always an easy journey, but if you're reading these words you probably know that already and you're thinking of taking the next step. Our mission is to support you with the utmost care and belief in your ability to do and have what you want in life.

In a world where women's pleasure is mostly forgotten and de-prioritised, our mission is to shout about it so that it's not forgotten. We want to wake people up so future generations grow up with less shame, more safety and more freedom to be who they want to be. That change starts with us and with our bodies, it starts with finding more pleasure and doing that today. 

Our Truth


Kim Loliya

In my early teens, I discovered through masturbation that I had vaginal pain, any penetration attempts left me with aching, stinging and burning sensations that were so uncomfortable I spent about a decade avoiding them in the hope that they would magically disappear. When I hit my 20's I had a supportive boyfriend by my side and decided to investigate the issue. I was eventually diagnosed with vaginismus and it seemed that no one around me knew anything about the condition and I could barely find any information on the internet. If women suffered from this, they were probably too ashamed to admit it to anyone. With treatment, I managed to have sex for the first time, but the pain never fully went away. The years passed and with different partners things briefly improved and then deteriorated. As I tried to grapple with feeling broken and not good enough as a woman, I needed some space from sex and I was told by an unsupportive boyfriend that 'abstinence is not a solution'. This made me feel even more lonely and pressured and I eventually decided to leave that abusive relationship and start looking after myself in a different way. I trained in somatic sex education, learned how the body works and how we respond to desire and pain. I learned about boundaries and consent, found my voice and my intuition, that thing that helps me know what (and who) to move towards and away from. I learned a lot about different ways to be sexual and express my sexuality, and each time I undid more layers of shame that were holding me back from truly being myself. I discovered so many tools that changed my life that it felt criminal not to share them with the world. The Pleasure Institute was born out to do just this, in service of more pleasure and freedom from shame. It is my sincere hope that all women wherever they are in their journey will know that they are not alone and that they are beautiful and perfect exactly the way they are. 


Phil Moore

In 2012 I was a serially monogamous 51 year old woman who had had no partnered sex for many years.  My truth at that time was that I would never have sex again – it seemed impossible to me that anyone would find me attractive enough to want to have sex with me.  Conversely I felt more sexual than I ever had in my life – my body was coming alive with sensuality, mainly as a result of cultivating more sensory based movement practices in my life.  I had a strong sense that being sexual and sensual were important components for a functional, as well as joyful, life as a human being.  I was fully committed to growing my potential and explored this as much as I could on my own, thinking that sexual autonomy was my only way forward.  Finally, as my long-term partnership dissolved, I met a flurry of men and women who were willing to explore sex with me and I began a glorious journey of self-discovery and discovery about others.  Since then I have trained as a Sexuality Coach and as a Somatic Sex Educator, adding to my extensive portfolio of training and work in the mind/body therapeutic field.  I still view sexual autonomy as a bedrock of my sexual exploration and experiences – knowing myself well enough to express my real desire, knowing how to satisfy my needs so that I don't bring them to others, bringing new options to my sexual relationships.  I also understand so much more about how to be in relationship and feel empowered to take the lead in sexual interactions.  Above all, as a woman, I have found my sexual voice – I can, and do, ask for what I want – and I get it.  I want to reach and support other women to experience more – more pleasure, more empowerment and more joy.  


Diversity Matters

Our programmes are open to people who identify as women and people who are read as women, but may not identify with that label (such as trans, non-binary and genderqueer). We also work with men in some programmes for the purpose of supporting their education in female pleasure. 

We pride ourselves in being body-positive, disability-aware, open to all ages, sex-positive, LGBTQ+ friendly and kink-friendly. For accessibility information, documents in large print or any other requirement, please contact us and we will happily assist.