are there some basic principles behind how you work? 

Yes, everything that is shared in our sessions and workshops in confidential. Our work is 100% client led, which means our clients decide what to work on and what tools they're comfortable working with and when. Our work is focused on learning and we set clear objectives to support self-discovery, exploration and healing.

What does a session entail?

Our sessions follow roughly the same format, starting with a mindfulness-based body scan to 'arrive' in the room and then we usually check-in asking our clients how they're doing and what they're looking to work on in the session. Then we suggest some tools that might be helpful and encourage our clients to choose which one feels more exciting and relevant for them. We then explore the tools together in a safe environment and towards the end of the session some 'pleasure work' will be suggested to make the most out of the session and integrate learning. 

what issues do you treat? 

Everything from difficulties to orgasm, pelvic/vaginal pain, healing from trauma or sexual violence, body shame, intimacy during or after pregnancy, intimacy in older years, keeping the spark alive in relationships and much more! We also work with clients who don't have 'issues', but are looking to expand their sexuality, feel more pleasure and more connection with their partner or themselves. If you're curious whether we can help you with your specific situation, please get in touch. 

how does your work differ from therapy? 

There is definitely a lot of overlap between the body-based coaching we offer and colleagues offering therapy or counselling. Our focus is on starting with the body and using the body's wisdom to unlock pleasure and gain a deeper understanding of sexuality. Integrating the body's messages provides deeper and more holistic understanding of ourselves and a different pathway to healing. Many of our clients see (or have seen) therapists/counsellors in conjunction with our programmes and found it beneficial, though this is absolutely not necessary.  

do you have an 'average' client? 

All our clients are different, they have different jobs, nationalities, body types, sexual orientations and live in different parts of the world. 

who should i work with? 

That's completely up to you! We would suggest that you read the mission section and see who you feel would be able to help you best. Once you have decided please add your preferred practitioner's name (if you have one) when you contact us. 

do you offer sessions online? 

Yes, we do! We offer sessions via Skype and Zoom. 

What are your qualifications?

We are both trained in Certified Sexological Bodywork and teachers of Nia (a holistic dance/movement modality). Kim is also trained as an Embodied Facilitator and Phil is a qualified hypnotherapist. 

if i'm not happy with your work, how can i make a complaint? 

We can provide details of our supervisors who can be contacted directly, we are also both members of ASIS (Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists) who can be contacted without our knowledge or involvement in the complaints process. 

what other work are you involved in? 

Kim and Phil are the editors of sex+, a sex positive magazine that shares real stories and rewrites narratives about sex. Kim specialises in diversity and inclusivity training for sexuality professionals and supports allied professionals and organisations to work more confidently with sex and sexuality. Phil specialises in gender diversity and supporting sexuality professionals with managing power dynamics and privilege in their work.  

how much do you charge?

Our standard programmes cost £450 for six sessions. We also have a low cost clinic for those who are unemployed, students or on a low income.